Friday, May 09, 2008

Impressionistic Art

I know I said I wouldn't talk about this anymore (and I have been good to my word - right?)

But I found the flower that I want as a tattoo. It is a desert orchid. Rare and beautiful.

I will be getting two of these beauties and one bud tattooed on my right shoulder THIS SATURDAY!

I have to say that I am very nervous. I hate pain. But at the same time, I am relieved. I feel like this will be a cleansing and a closing of this book.

I am honoring my babies. Both of my flowering beauties and the one that never got the chance.

I'll be sure to post pics.


Anjali said...

Wow, sounds like an amazing tattoo. So amazing that I totally want to copy it!

R said...

First of all, this is YOUR blog. If you want to/need to talk about it more, you can. You SHOULD. We all know that it is healthy to share your feelings.

Second of all - the orchids are beautiful and I cannot wait to see the pictures.