Monday, May 19, 2008

Cleansing Pain

First let me say that I got the bill for my "emergency surgery". drum roll please..... The total? This little event of gynecological wonder cost my insurance company over $42,000.00. My love and I will shoulder a not insignificant part of that burden ourselves.

$42,0000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To NOT have a baby.


So I thought about that this weekend when I went to pick up my Rx for birth control and was told that it was $51. $51!?!?! With insurance??

But then I thought about the alternatives to birth control (birth and ectopic pregnancy) I have explored and they are both a whole lot more money.

And the up side is I will probably have a pretty good deduction on taxes for 2008.


This post is about my tattoo. And about the fact that I laughed out loud this weekend. For the first time in - well I can't remember when.

I was relieved when the weeping stopped. Very relieved. But I cannot tell you how relieved I am that the laughing has started again...

I will be getting the color on my tattoo next weekend.

I may wait until then to post a picture but I will tell you that it is bigger than you expect it to be and prettier than I expected it to be...

Oh and it hurt.

More to follow.

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O said...

Oh. My. God. $42K?!?!!? That's outrageous. I know, it was life-saving surgery and all but Oh. My. God.
Keep at it with the insurance company.