Monday, June 26, 2006

My God

I have a little buddha for a God. His smile makes my world.

My children make me realize that there is a power out there. Call it what you will.

They are the smile and the laughter of my life.

They are the reson that I dance when the radio comes on. They are my comfort of a cuddle.

They are the tears I cry when I hear of other babes who have been injured, kidnapped, worse.

They are the reason for the sun and the moon and the sky.Their eyes reflect it all, take it all in and bring it all back out.

They are my empathy. They are our future.

For all the little Gods out there.

My hope is infinite.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Your God

I got inspired on my way home from work yesterday. I am forever frustrated by the lack of compassion and understanding that masks itself behind religion.

All the major religions share the same basic principles and beliefs:
Love each other
Take care of each other
Respect each other
God loves you

So I am not religious. Nor am I "god-fearing" but I say this with complete openeness and understanding.

If you believe in God, whatever name your God goes by...

Your God loves me too.

I think it bears repeating and I think we all need reminding.

Do you know what happens when both sides of a battle pray to God for protection and to help them win?

I view it like two children fighting over a toy with God as the parent.

Do parent's have favorites? Maybe. But good parents never show it and I believe that God is a good parent. So what do parents do when children compete with each other? They root for both sides. They cheer as loudly for the victor as they do for the loser. And they admonish anyone not playing fairly.

A parent loves all their children equally.

Your God loves me too.