Wednesday, January 23, 2008

prospero anos

I can't believe that January is almost over. I have so many things to do that I can't even make the time to make a list. And still I'm taking the time to blog? Damn straight.

We have made the tentative decision to move this summer. The number of things that means we need to accomplish at our present home because of this is staggering!
But the pros are getting more and more pro. My commute time will be so F-ing, amazingly, terrifically, wonderfully short! I imagine myself soaking in a tub every time I think about it. That's how good it will feel.

It takes me about 1/2 hour to get to work now. My commute in Atlanta was far far worse but somehow driving alone for an hour is nothing like driving with two toddlers for half that time.

"mommy he's not sharing"



"I have to go potty and no I can't wait until we get to school."




Don't get me wrong. I love spending that time with my kids but it occurs to me that I could be spending it with them OUT OF THE F-ING CAR if we lived closer.

I could get home in time to actually cook a Family Dinner - what is that?
I would be close enough to do the shuttle to and from school when they start attending kindergarten. I could eat breakfast.

At home.

So the cons are mostly monetary. But we love our current area. The new place we are considering is much pricier than where we are now. We will actually more than double our current mortgage. And the housing market is in the pooper. Which would be good for us if we were not also trying to sell a home...

So we'll see.

But it sure would be nice to have a house that fit our HUGE furniture. And a garage. And a second bath...

oh I hope this works out...

In other news. The little girl's birthday was a SMASH. She squealed like a pig in slop all day long and the fairly (okay, very) pricey price tag of the event was worth every penny for her happiness.

I guess. ;)

Trying to make her understand that while she is 4 for a whole year, that whole year is not one continuous birthday has been a challenge.

She is nothing if not persuasive when she is trying to wrangle for something.

The boy is still not saying much but we don't hold that against him. We'll give him a little while more before his mom freaks out completely.

And Nona is coming to visit in February while my husband is gone for 15 days. Yes, 15 days. As in half a month. This time also includes Valentines Day which I mention purely for the guilt factor, because it worked on him.

What am I going to do without my best friend for 15 days?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sister Wife

I am reading a book called Escape. It is written by a woman who escaped (hence the title) from the FLDS(fundamentalist latter day saints)community with her eight kids at the age of 35(?). She was married to a 50 something man as his 4th wife at the age of 18.

I have always sort of considered polygamy a victimless crime (kind of like recreational drugs), with the danger factor only enhanced (or even created) by the fact that it is illegal. By this I mean that these women and children, and men, have very little recourse if something happens to them because their lifestyle is illegal.

But I feel a lot differently about this now.

This woman is a victim. Her sisters, brothers, mothers, cousins - all victims. The only difference between her and me - the parents we were born to. And I have to tell you honestly that it's a good thing that it was her and not me because I don't think I would have had the strength, especially after the birth of eight kids.

It is a fascinating read. fascinating. terrifying. disturbing.

And I find myself saying things that start with "they do..." and "they do..." and I hate using the word "they". But I have to say that they are "they", they are not me.

And even though Big Love (love that show) made me wonder (ever so briefly) if it might be nice to have a sister wife sometimes - ACK! Double Ack!

So to those of you out there in bloggerland I say read the book. Be aware of what is going on in Salt Lake City Utah and neighboring towns.

Be aware.

and be grateful.

Friday, January 04, 2008

It started out shitty...

...and rolled down hill from there.

I had to take my coffee to work in an old 12 oz Avent bottle (yes, with the nipple on it)

I stood outside our office door trying to figure out why I couldn't unlock our door.

The answer: it was already unlocked.

I've had to deal with the fall out of firing an employee on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out which are more annoying: the employees who are not afraid of me at the moment or the ones who are.

2008 is shaping into a VERY tough year for me work wise. Looks like I might have to earn that very nice bonus promised me next year...

And this is how my child day ended.

"I love you and you're my sweetieheart."
"and sweetieheart means there's a hole in the ceiling."

Somehow that made more sense to me than most of what has happened to me today...

And the thing is. There IS a hole in the ceiling. The plumber comes out Wednesday.

Here's to the beginning of my non-kid day. I can hear a shot calling to me from the kitchen.

Happy weekend!