Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to me...

This is my boy. He has very little (okay nothing) to do with this post but I LOVE THIS PICTURE~

So I thought I would share it.

I had the absolutely most fabulous day with my daughter on Saturday.
I woke up yesterday feeling silly.

giddy I love life silly.

And my love took D to a picnic with his card geeks so it was just me and my girl.
She was feeling silly too. Ya know how when they wake up you can tell that it's going to be a bad morning? Well she was just as happy as I was. And for the very first time that I can remember our two very fabulous moods coincided.

She had a birthday party at noon at a Stables (how cool is that? A PONY party! I am totally stealing this idea). So at 10 am I decided we'd head toward Borders and get a present, get a snack and then meander toward the party.

As I asked Maya for the third time to please get up into her car seat so I could put her straps on I realized that there was absolutely no reason for me to be so up tight. We had plenty of time. So whatever that thing is that keeps me moving at warp speed all week? I switched it off.


I just decided that there was no reason to be in such a hurry. We had plenty of time and we might as well have fun.

So that is what we did.

We picked out a present, bought a book for D and then headed over to the cafe where I let her pick out a chocolate donut even though I knew she would be having cake in less than an hour.

While at Borders she asked me what a column was. (Because I had told her the trash was right next to it.) So I stood up and walked over to the column and said.
"this is a column. And there is the trash can."

And the simple act made me very aware of the fact that I rarely have time to fully answer her questions. Any other day I simply would have pointed to it. But this day I stood up and explained that columns usually hold something up and that there are a lot of them in Greece.

She was so pleased with this silly giddy mommy that she forgot that lately she has been giving mom a hard time.

Instead she held my hand as we ran through Rose Tree Park, and played with me while we made up definitions for the pretend words she kept using while we tried to make rhyming words.

And then we went to a pony party. And I taught her to always walk around the front of a horse and I told her what each kind of horse was that she saw. And while she may have no idea what the difference is between an Apaloosa and a Paint they are now words in her lexicon. And she had fun listening to me talk about horses because I had fun talking about them.

And I made a new friend in the mother of one of her classmates. Again, I was just feeling GOOD and so it was easy to talk to her.

And so I had a great afternoon and that lead up to my evening in the city with my husband while I tried to get my tattoo. And that is another story.


Motherhood101aplus said...

Glad your daughter and you had a nice time. It is nice when time is not an issue. Husband and I used to take our watches off when we went out for dates. It made it a little more special.

O said...

What a fabulous sounding day. And I love the idea of a pony party too! Such smart parents someone has. Hooray for coinciding great moods!