Friday, September 26, 2008

Barak the Vote

I am not sure how to start this post.

The Presidential address and all that is going on in Washington scares me. Terrifies me actually.

And I watched the president of the United States of America tell me that our economy is collapsing and that we have to do something RIGHT NOW to protect our country.

And I was scared. What he said frightened the hell out of me. I am still scared.

And I am pissed.

Because not once in his speech did he address the point that we should all be FURIOUS about. While this is a genuine emergency now - why didn't we take steps to prevent it reaching this point?

Unlike 9/11 we saw this coming.

And I am not blaming this administration for creating this problem, because they didn't. As far as I can tell, with my very limited understanding of the situation, this is a problem that started more then 30 years ago and became exacerbated by the de-regulations that Clinton allowed. But this is not about cause or blame.

This is about what we do next. I have my answer. It it lies here. I love this commercial. I watched it this morning and became even more certain in my vote in November.

I hope that our politicians will come to some sort of agreement that will not send us spiraling into a dark age. But more than that I hope that Obama wins in November.

Because I am afraid for our country in a way that I have never been before. And I am tired of being afraid. This administration has used our fears to justify a lot.

They told us that we had to go into Iraq to prevent another attack on our country. They told us that there were weapons there that were pointed at us.
They told us we had to approve the Patriot Act to protect our citizens after 911.

They have played on our fears and created a domestic policy that is built on those fears. And so I am questioning the president's call for haste in this instance because I have seen what his calls for haste in the past have gotten us. I do not doubt there is a problem here - but I am cautious about the solution.

I am tired of acting from a place of fear. I am instead looking toward the future with hope for change.

This election is SO IMPORTANT.

So if you haven't registered - please do so - NOW - and make sure your voice is heard.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the saddle

Weirdly enough while on vacation I dreamed (dreampt?) of horses. and riding.
I am a horse person. It is in my soul.

Unfortunately it is not in my budget. So for now I just dream. Good earthy dreams where I can smell the heat of the horse and the grass in the early morning...

I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that I dreamed about this while on vacation. I was well and truly relaxed for the first time in, well, a long time.

We had a wonderful wonderful vacation down at the beach.

I was a kinder gentler mommy. The mommy I would like to be all the time but can't because of - well - life. The kids had a blast playing with (and eating) the sand. They were happy to sink into the sand for a half and hour and only cried out when one or the other became the victim of a random act of sandness. (little boy likes to throw it as well as eat it).

We went to the beach, the pool, the park and the board walk and while I was not excited to be home I was not sad either. The vacation was nice and while it reminded me how much fun I am not having in my everyday also made me appreciate what I do to make sure that I can enjoy the occasional week off to enjoy my family.

Truly I wish America was more like Europe in their vacation policies. I think a healthier work/life balance would make for more productive workers. I think if we had more vacation we would be able to better apply ourselves when we are at work.

Of course I am blowing a hole in my own theory by spending my first day back catching up on blogs and blogging. But I have hope for the rest of the week...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shall I compare thee...

I wave goodbye to my daughter from the side yard of her school. Her class room is sublevel so I am in fact waving down to her.

As I approached the window yesterday I began with:

"Juliet, where fore art thou Juliet"

which was greeted with a charming blank stare.

"it's from a play" I explained.

"Like Alladin?" was the response. (I recently took both kids to the local theater for a child's production of Alladin, so...)

"Yep, just like Alladin." I wonder how Shakespeare would feel about that?

As I turned to leave my little pixie said:

"mommy I love you so much I want to crawl inside your mouth!" *giggle*

Looking down at her with an indulgent smile I said

"sweetie, I appreciate the sentiment. And the lack of action."

And cracked myself up.

I am still laughing actually.

I love being a mom.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

funny video on politics

Regardless of party I think you will find this cute.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

If you are not part of the solution...

I am getting ready to go on vacation.

The one real vacation we had planned this year. I was so excited. We are renting a house in Delaware near the shore. The housing community has a pool, tennis courts and a shuttle to the beach and the outlets.

Turns out the husband decided not to request the time off and instead decided to be sneaky and "massage" his reports and not claim the time as official vacation. So they didn't know we had these plans when they scheduled him to attend a show next Thursday. So he will need to leave our rented home three days before our vacation ends and fly to North Carolina.

And he will leave me with my two little ones and both sets of grandparents.

And he is currently in Atlanta and won't be back until Thursday night at midnight.

Which means, once again, I have been left alone to do all the shopping, planning and packing.


Because I am not alone. I have two (very adorable) toddlers to "help me" and no way to go anywhere significant because they must come with me.

And I am pet sitting one dog and two cats across the street. And our neighbors don't have a fence. So the dog has to be walked on a leash three times a day. Did I mention I have two toddlers and no spouse at home? (and that their house is dark at night and I am a scaredy scaredy cat?)

And I am getting tired of the whole "single mom" lifestyle I am living lately.

I am thinking about taking a lover. Or applications for a second husband. Or even a wife.

Today I am feeling like gender equality is just a shitty illusion. It doesn't matter what your title or your salary - you are still the mom, housekeeper and general do everything person. And you are the person everyone else expects to do all of these things.

Tomorrow I might feel better. Maybe.

But I am having a hard time lately with my life role. I am a stay at work mom. SAWM. I find comfort in the fact that there is an acronym for this because lately I feel like such the exception.

All of my female friends and all of my female neighbors are home most of the time. So they have play dates and get togethers and I can never be part of that. I will always be the odd one out. I will never get to fully be a part of that circle.

I am an exception.

And I take exception to that.

I am not sure what all that means. But it has to mean something. All this doing is wearing me down.

In other happier news...I volunteered to go read a book and teach my daughter's class a song today.

My little doggies name is Rags
He eats so much that his tummy sags
His ears flip flop and his tail wig wags
and when he walks he zigs and zags...

I had such a great 1/2 hour of my day. Four is such a fun age! They all seem to be so far.

And in a few days I will be relaxing by the beach...seems wrong to be whining.

oh well. I'm doing it anyway.