Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bad Manners

My little girl picks her nose.

And eats it.

We have tried telling her that this is bad manners. We also told her it's gross.

It's not like she does it all the time but when she does - Ewwww.

She also sits on the couch and plays with her (ahem) privates.

We have told her that this is also bad manners.

During her bath the other day she told me that:
"penises go in bums".

I told her that is not usually true.

I then had to have a talk with my three year old about sex. Ya know, a little talk about inappropriate touching, basically letting her know that no one should be putting their penis (or anything else for that matter) any where near her bum.


I want her to stay young forever. And by young I mean innocent. AND I want to prepare her for this crazy world that we live in without scaring her into hibernating in her room until she's 20 and a black belt.

And I want to be prepared for this world and not feel tempted to hibernate in my room.

And I hate that this is the world. Where little girls go missing and are found...not little girls anymore, if at all.

It makes me so sad that this is the possibility. That this is what I have to watch out for, prepare for. And that my "family friends" are the prime suspects.

My SIL was molested by the man who basically raised my FIL because his father was too much of an alcoholic to take on the task. My husband bears this man's middle name in honor of that relationship.

And then this honorable man, molested an eight year-old girl.

But this is not a post about the past. It is a post about the future.

I want to raise my child to be strong and fierce in her determination to protect herself and those she loves. I want her to be confident in her no's and in her strength or purpose.

I want her to have bad manners when she needs them.

And. I want her to stop picking her nose and eating it.

Oh if only that were my only concern.

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O said...

Horrifying, isn't it, trying to walk the line between "mean world" syndrome and dangerous denial? I hate that part of the growing up stuff.