Monday, September 10, 2007


So I got my passport today!

Yippee and will wonders never cease~?~

And I am off to parts both known and unknown on Thursday. The folks arrive on Wednesday. I don't think they quite understand what they are in for...


My love and I are going on vacation.


We plan to sit still as much as possible.

He is looking forward to the all inclusive alcoholic beverages and I am looking forward to the pillow and the lack of a toddler alarm clock.




O said...

The words to describe the depths of my jealousy have yet to be invented. Hooray hooray hooray for you. Sleep an hour for me! Bon voyage! (Wrong language, right sentiment...)

Anjali said...

So relieved! Phew!

That was just too close of a call for comfort!

Rachel said...

Have a great time. Mind if I live vicariously through the idea that I might be going on vacation on Thursday. Sounds incredible!!!