Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Passport Passion

So I am not sure where this is going but I am feeling a little like all the little children that have in fact been left behind.

The government changed the rules.

You now have to have a valid US Passport to travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribean. New rules. New day. New security.


Much like everything else this administration has done - they didn't consider the consequences. Bush's administration seems to be incapable of forethought.

So summer comes along. THOUSANDS of people would like to travel and THOUSANDS of people apply for passports. No problem right?

They had to see this coming, after all it was THEIR IDEA. So they planned ahead. Temporary staff people were employed to meet the rising demand. Departmentswere streamlined, the process made more efficient. And the world travelers received their passports in a timely manner and went forth to the sunny beaches around the world.


well. um. no.

NO extra staff. NO prepared passport department. NO planning for a program they knew was coming for more than a year.


How is this ineptitude acceptable?

SO. I leave for Mexico next Thursday. I don't have a passport. I have a piece of paper that says I applied for an EXPEDITED (3 day turn around promised) passport over 3 weeks ago.

And apparently that will be enough.

How secure.

How very well thought out.

This administration seems very capable of taking a bad idea and making it even worse.

I will vent about this as I sit in the room of my resort with my included free alcoholic beverage of choice. I will also vent about it as I lay on the beach or maybe while I am frolicking with the dolphins.

That is of course unless I fall victim to hurricane J or K...not sure where we are in the alphabet at the moment.

Then I will sit at home. Pissed as all hell.

Just wait for that post.

Maybe you should prepare now.

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