Friday, September 07, 2007

Morning Musings

This morning I was in that half sleep that comes after you push the snooze button "one last time".

I was thinking about death. Seems to be around me a lot lately. Not sure why.

So I was thinking about being buried in the earth and that to be buried in anything less than a full wooden box you have to be in Oregon, the only state that allows this. And how expensive would it be to fly my body to Oregon just to avoid the cost of a fancy wooden box. No really, how expensive? Now if I was already there, that would be a different matter.

And then I was thinking that what I would really like is a funeral pyre. Very majestic.

And then I was wondering about the smell involved. And I wondered if native americans found themselves strangely hungry after smelling their loved ones flesh roast.

And then I was a native american princess laying on a funeral pyre. (did I mention I was drowsing?) And as I lay there I looked over and saw a pig roasting and a feast being prepared. And I thought aha! So they cooked a pig at the same time and then had a big feast afterward. That TOTALLY makes sense.

And in my dream (are you following this?) I looked down on my body and thought. This is the way it should be. This is the right way to go.

And then they lit the flame. And I thought WOW. Impressive display.

And then I thought wait. This kind of tickles.

And then I thought. Wait. This kind of itches.

And then my body on the pyre opened her eyes. And I thought.


I'm not dead.

And in my mind I thought of that movie with Michele Pfeifer where her husband gives her that drug that makes it so she can't move.

And from my funeral pyre I turn my frantic eyes to my father. As he stands beside me mourning the passing of his lovely daughter (for this performance the role of my father will be played by some random native american man) and I beseech him to look up at me using only my eyes.

And for one awful moment it seems like he won't and then - He does!

He looks up and is startled by the fact that my eyes are open. And I think YES!

He sees me, he sees that I am still alive. I will be saved.

And he does see. And he steps toward me.




And I realize that I will burn alive on this funeral pyre because my father killed me.

And then the alarm went off.

And Good morning to me.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Wow, now that is a creepy dream!

FYI - the coffin thing? From what I have always understood, Jews are supposed to be buried in completely wooden coffins, even down to wood nails. So maybe all you need to do is convert to get the burial you want! :)