Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Son of Eclipse

I was waiting next to a Mitsubishi Eclipse while on my way to work today. I was alone in the car (a very rare event indeed). And I had a moment to think (also rare).

The boy I fell in love with had a cherry red eclipse when I met him. He called it his girlfriend. He loved that car. (I know I have written about this before, bear with me).

When we first moved in together I knew we were making progress because he let me drive her. I didn't like that car. Not because I was jealous but because it was small and uncomfortable and he drove it like an ass. He wanted me to drive her, he wanted me to like her. I didn't want to.

About two weeks after we moved in together I parked said car in the garage and managed to scratch the entire driver's side from fender to fender. The fact that we are still together is testament to just how much he already loved me. He barely said one bad word. I was beating myself up sufficiently. The fact that I knew how much that car meant to him was enough.

The boy I fell in love with was a lean, one pack a day smoker with a snazzy red sports car. He liked to drink, party and had tattoos. He was a lot of things I didn't want in a life mate. But I loved him anyway! Total, forever kind of love.

Fast forward 6 years. He's not so lean. He stopped smoking on Christmas eve the year we started dating and never picked up another cigarette. And the snazzy red sports car was traded in for a boat of a sedan that he needed for work.

He is a man. My man to be exact. And he is still a lot of things I was not looking for in a man, which only proves that I was looking for some of the wrong things.

This man is an excellent provider, supporter, lover, father and most importantly - friend.

And two years ago we replaced his snazzy red sports car with a shiny black Mustang. A very loud Mustang. And he drives it like an ass.

I love that car. Even though, if I had my way, I would never drive it. I love it because he loves it.

This is the man that I married. He has more tattoos now, has proven that he was born to be a father and loves me better than I could have ever imagined was possible.

I couldn't have chosen better if I had known what to look for.

He turned 33 this Sunday.
I got him an ipod nano (black, to match his car).


Aunt Becky said...

Happy birthday to your husband!

Anjali said...

Happy, happy birthday, to the man who unloaded both a swing set and a goldfish from me AT THE SAME TIME.

Unkie MC said...

I just re-discovered the link to
your blog. So happy to have found it. So happy to have you posting. So happy to start reading on a regular basis. So happy.

Happy be-lated birthday to the Mustang Man!