Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now I'm where I want to be and who I want to be...

That is a line from a song from the musical Chess in case you were wonderin'.
One of the blogs I was reading asked about your life goals and whether you are doing what you planned.
I also watched part of the last lecture yesterday.

Seems like time to evaluate my life and answer the question.

Am I doing what I want? Am I accomplishing what I set out to accomplish.

The easy answer is yes.

The only thing I have ever been sure of is the fact that I wanted to be a mommy.

And I am a mommy.

The fact that I am a full time working mommy does not detract from my goal. I never set such strict regulations for my dream.

And it's a good thing. If my goal had been to stay home with my kids, I am convinced I would not be as happy as I am now.

My mom stayed home. She enjoyed it.

I wasn't opposed to the idea but this brings me to another thing about me that I was always sure of. (mostly because others were always happy to point it out as a flaw)

I am bossy. (I prefer assertive myself)

So it works out nicely that in my little office - I am boss.

It makes me happy to make decisions, generate business, help employees grow. I need the stimulation and the emotional fulfillment.

I don't think just any job would be enough. This job suits me. This office suits me.

And another goal. Brought on by the thousands of cheesy romance novels of my youth. I wanted to have that.

That bodice ripping moment followed by that feeling of love and security that each and every Harlequin writer tries so hard (and fails) to capture in print.

I married my love. My real love. My imperfect perfect for me love.

I am the heroine of my own romance novel.

What can get better than that? No, really.

So. I had some very loose expectations and goals for myself. And I have managed somehow to arrive at a destination I didn't even really know I was looking for. Happily.

I have a few more things to do. No question.

But I like where I am.

All in all?

Good stuff.

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