Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am so frustrated!

Let me say first that I was enjoying this whole "close" election thing. Until today.
Now I am done.

What gives?

How much longer can this go on before we completely clinch the Republican for the election in November?

McCain can just slide on in.

The pack has turned in on itself and any "old" rival can take over.

I hope that the decision is made soon because I know the nation is getting weary.

And I love Hillary Clinton. And I think that she would make an excellent president. But I do not think she stands a snow ball's chance against McCain.

She needs to do what George H. should have done when "W" was conceived and PULL OUT.

There I said it. She needs to withdraw.

And it is not because she is a woman, it is because she cannot beat McCain. And that may be because she is a woman and while that sucks BIG TIME it is also the truth. She needs to accept the facts. We all do.

So I say , "please stand down Mrs. Clinton." Our country needs strong leaders who are willing to sacrifice to the greater good. Be that leader.

Obama is the best bet we have in November.

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paisana said...

I just wrote something similar, but I'm voting McCain this election. I'm sick of those two bitching and backbiting.