Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just Because you can...

...doesn't mean you should.

I started using this term when I was talking (judging) women or men that had SQUEEZED into that pair of jeans, pants, top or shorts. Just because you can wear it, doesn't mean you should wear it...

But it carries through to a lot of things. I work on the main line (a very "rich" section of the Philadelphia area). And I have to say that I am appalled. APPALLED at the prices in some of these shops.

And so I have to say:
Just because you can charge $100 for a doll made only of cotton doesn't mean you should.


Just because you can pay $100 for a doll made only of cotton doesn't mean you should.

And my follow up question is always: Don't these people have any friends?

Isn't there someone out there to tell them that the big roll squeezing out of their blue jeans is NOT attractive?

This carries through too.

If your friend tells you that you simply MUST get your daughter the $100 cotton baby doll. They are not really your friend. They are simply trying to make you fall for the same scam they fell for.

I can sew a cotton doll with 'mohair' yarn hair for about $12. And I am not buying in bulk...

Okay, I am done venting. But this is one of the primary reasons I will never live on the main line. I do not want to raise my children here. I do not want to create adults in this atmosphere.

I am not sure what made me stand up on this soap box today.

But I have officially stepped back down.

Oh and if you live on the main line... please don't be offended by my tirade. And don't spend $100 on that cotton baby doll!

See what a good friend I am???


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Great post. Also, just because someone has cleavage, that doesn't mean they have to show it to everyone. (Speaking as one who is without)