Sunday, November 11, 2007

A rose by any other name

When I was born I was named


When I was first adopted I was named


Then I got my name. My real name. My true name.

And I don't like it. Never have really. I am certain that I am nothing like what people expect when they see my name.

In fact for a few years I tried to get everyone to let me go by my middle name. I feel like it suits me more.

While I rarely wonder about my bio parents I do sometimes wonder about their daughter, this Jennifer person.

I also wonder what my life would have been if my mom had decided that Jennifer was a darn good name for me.

Or if my grandma hadn't mispronounced Aimee-Nichelle so horribly that my mom had left me with it.

I am somehow convinced that the name would effect the end person.

Maya told me yesterday that she would like to change her name. When I asked her what she wanted to change it to she told me to choose. I told her I already had.

I chose Maya.

She chose


yes, well.

She's still a rose right?

1 comment:

brandy101 said...

When I was maybe 2 years old I insisted that my parents call me "Scooter" - which they did for awhile...

I changed the pronunciation of my name in college!

So when I go back to my high school hometown its a little weird...