Thursday, August 28, 2008

I never promised you a Biden Post

Oh okay, so I did.

Here's the clif's notes version of my thoughts on the subject.
I have stated before that I feel that it is imperative that Obama surround himself with BTDT people. Experienced, intelligent people. People who don't all think like he does but are as intelligent and THINKING as he seems to be.

And the good news is that Obama seems to feel that way too. I was rooting for Biden in the early days of the race for the dem ticket. Biden is a man who has walked the walk and knows the talk - even though he clearly doesn't know when to NOT talk the talk. He does tend to say what he really thinks doesn't he? And that's why he won't be president. Ironic that his comments about his now running mate effectively ruined his chances - isn't it?

But I think Obama chose an excellent vice president. In fact of the pool he had to choose from I think he made the best choice. For his administration and for our nation. Biden will make a strong and excellent VP.

I am just not sure Obama selected a good running mate.

And let me say with no malice intended that most of America is not They don't understand what Biden is bringing to the candidacy. He is not a Washington star (except maybe in Washington), most people don't know (or understand) what he has done and continues to do for our country. To most Americans he is just a senator from Delaware. And Delaware is a tiny, not really good for much, state.

And I am sure that the democrats are hoping that Biden will help them carry Pennsylvania since we are kissing cousins but I am not so sure their confidence is well placed.

Only time will tell.

I for one am more certain that this an administration that can make a difference if elected. I for one was worried that he chose a running mate with substance and not for flare. This is a vice presidential choice that is well made. Obama/Biden can make some real progress.

If they get elected.

And I for one am going to vote for them. Oh, me and the 18 million Hillary supporters. Or at least they better after the speeches that Bill and Hillary gave on the subject. If you only saw the excerpts you didn't get the whole story. They were each very impressive.

Hillary's speech was truly presidential and Bill proved that he can (and will) in fact fight the good fight with Obama despite what happened leading up to this point. They are true party supporters and it was fun to see.

If you're into that kind of stuff.

Which I am.


Because Clif would be appalled at how long winded I was...

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KT said...

I loved this. I love reading what other people think. I know next to nothing about Biden and have been learning. I recorded Bill's speach and need to see it. I will tonight before I watch Obama. I am so glad to see that people think that Bill and Hillary will fight the good fight with Obama..and are not bitter. I was figuring the media was making too much of that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.