Friday, August 15, 2008

Two scenes in the life of a four year old

Scene 1
Mom and two kiddos are driving home from school. The oldest, and the girl, has received a sweets bag from one of her teachers.
"mommy, can I have a candy when I get home?" says the girl.
"after dinner" says the mommy
"mommy sweets too?" asks the little boy.
"no, sweetie, this is your sister's special treat and -"
"no mommy,"interrupts the girl "I'll share with him. I want to share with him." she says.
mommy sits in stunned silence in the front seat.
"because," the little girl explains further, "if I don't share with him, he won't have any candy and he might be sad."
mommy tears up and can't say anything at all.

Scene 2
Later that day Mommy is putting her little girl to bed. Feeling especially loving she cuddles on to her little girl's bed and kisses her gently on her forehead.
"mommy loves you very much." she says kissing her again. "and I want you to know that I was very proud of you today"
"Why?" asks the little girl, snuggling in and enjoying the kisses and the cuddles.
"because you shared your special treat with your brother" mommy explains "That was a great big sister thing to do and I am very proud of you."
The little girl smiles and kisses her mommy. They both enjoy a special cudddle moment. And then-
"so what does that mean that I get?" the little girl asks expectantly.

And the moment is gone.

"my most sincere congratulations." mommy says with a light pat on her arm as she pulls away with a hidden smile and a shrug.

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KT said...

That exact thing has happened in my house!