Friday, July 25, 2008

Why I hate Verizon or How I spent my Thursday

Why I hate verizon
oh mere words can barely tell
the place that I would put them
'cause they're too evil just for hell

Verizon saps the joy
from my tiny little life
and fills it up with lost connections
missed appointments and, well, strife

I hate the frustration
and the waiting
and the waiting
and the waiting

That's all Verizon is to me
so I waited and I waited
But it wasn't meant to be

No blazing net connection
no dazzling TV screen
Instead I am still waiting
for my promised FIOS dream

I am sad to say Verizon
does not care about my day
and tells me they can't reschedule
until very far away

And while I hate verizon
There is one thing that's for sure
much as I hate Verizon
I hate Comcast even more

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KT said...

Hey - check out my blog today. I have given you a wee little award.