Thursday, July 03, 2008


So I need to (and want to) say thanks to all of you who posted words of support and comfort to my last post. I am feeling better and thinking about the whole "blogging while depressed" thing and whether I should be put on restriction. It's almost like a drunk call.

It's a moment. And it passes. But not if you've placed it up on the net for all to see for the rest of days.

But it felt very nice to get the comments and calls. So thank you.

I was watching some very disturbing September 11th video this morning. And I was crying. Sitting at my desk in my office. Crying.

And it felt good.

Because this is something to cry about. And I knew that anyone who walked into my office and saw what I was watching would not only understand but they would feel the same way.

We all felt the same way.

We all remember where we were that day. We all remember how we heard and who we were with. We all felt similar things.

panic. concern. panic. loss. concern.

All of us. All Americans. All of America. And much of the world. Unified.

We all held our breaths hoping for the best and cried openly and without shame when we took that breath as the worst happened.

We all put out our flags of support. We all grieved the lost.

We honored the heroes and mourned the innocent. All of us. Together.

That is the America I am choosing to honor this July 4th.

That unified America. That great America.

Those few days where color did not matter, race did not matter, politics did not matter. Those few days where we showed each other that the dream that built this country can indeed come true.

The America that I hope we will one day be able to achieve without the loss of life and catastrophe.

So I wish you a Happy Birthday little country.

We are young and we are learning but we have so much potential.

I wish you all a safe and happy July 4th.

editor's note: I in no way agree with those that say we needed 9/11 as a "wake up call" because that is such a ridiculous notion, there is no word sufficient to describe it. I am just commenting on the moments of unity that came from these very senseless acts of violence.


KT said...

I was worried about putting my life out on the internet for all to see. But the journalling is helping me. And to hear from people in response helps even more. So I'm risking laying it all out there. It's therapy that even my therapist can't provide. I'll take all the help I can get.

As for you....keep journalling, even if you don't post it all. And as for your cry.....sometimes a good cry can REALLY help!

O said...

You are totally right about blogging while depressed being like drunk dialing! Never thought of it that way but no doubt they are related.
Glad the moment is passing. And good for you for putting yourself out there. I'm having a balance shift myself but haven't had the courage to blog about it...hence my lack of posting.