Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey Ho Howdy

Any one read Sandra Boyton - hmm I think I butchered her last name. oh well. Hey Ho Howdy is one of the dinosaurs from her book. He is a happy fellow with a guitar and he is always friendly.

This is just a quick note to say hello.

I am crazy busy at work the past few weeks so I have been limited in my blogging. And WHERE THE HELL DID JUNE GO?

I have been bad about reading blogs and worse at commenting. so...

How ya been?

I will think of something that is fun tonight and post tomorrow.


Quick Cute kid moment:

Me to my son: "we can't do that tonight, sorry charlie"

my son to me - with as much indignation as a two year old can muster:
"not charlie mama - D!"

I laughed out loud before assuring him that it was just a saying.

And then I had to try and remember where the saying came from.

Do you know?

hint: something's fishy about this question...

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