Wednesday, October 03, 2007

He's 2.5

Dean went for his 18 month check up and he is off the charts in height. 35.5 inches! Which according to my doctor makes him above average height for a two and a half year old.

My little boy amazes me daily. And he is getting the shaft as is only apparent in the second child (speaking from experience). He has less photos, only one page in his scrap book (she broke double digits at least) and less video footage.

So what is he up to?

Well he is SMART. And I hate to compare but there is just no way she was this smart at this age. He will grab my hand and pull me to something when he catches an off handed "where are my..." question. He knows, and he is pleased as punch to show you.

He adores his sister and she delights in making him laugh. Which is not difficult. He is quick to laugh, prolific with hugs and barely pauses for full fledged bodily damage.

What a boy he is. Content to play by himself but so excited to share the world with those around him. He will play with a ball with the dogs and clap proudly when he makes a good throw, then launch himself at you for a hug before plunging right back in again.

The world is fun and filled with laughter with the little boy in it.

Tim is so proud of the little mohawk man that follows him around and will shrug his shoulders with his palms out and ask "dadda?" when he hasn't seen him for awhile or he thinks he should be home and he isn't.

But oh he loves mama. Such a snuggler. He curls himself into my shoulder and rests his head in the crook of my neck and he is usually content to stay there for quite a while, just loving me.

And he is a brat.

He kicks the dogs, snags toys out of his sister's hand and laughs hysterically when she gets upset. He pulls hair, slaps faces and has on one occasion (one occasion) bitten me.
He is hyper, fails to listen and tends to pull all the toys out of the box, all the books off the shelf and all the clothes from the drawer.

And then he will help me clean them up, clutch on to my leg or my hand and settle into my lap for a story before bed.

As I close the door to his room he will watch me with his big blue eyes and suck quietly on his "in bed only" pacifier. When I close the door, he will turn quietly into his pillow and put himself to sleep.

He is adorable, frustrating and very loved.

He will be a teenager tomorrow, but boy am I loving the boy today.

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O said...

What a great "catch" of his personality as it develops. Great post.