Monday, October 08, 2007

Goin back to Cali

So in the wonderful adventure that is my life, I am going to California for work next week. I will be leaving on Saturday and returning the following Sunday. BUT I am taking the family with me!

That's right the whole famn damily is going to San Diego with me. Because my brother and his family live there and my folks will be meeting us there. A big 'ol reunion.

So many things can go wrong with the mix of people that I cannot even dwell on that. Something will go wrong, we will fight, we will stop talking to each other and maybe we'll have enough time to get over it, maybe not.

So... instead I will worry about the flight. And the time change. And my two little dears and what they will do to revolutionize the airline industry as we know it.

Maya had been on several planes by the time she was Dean's age. He has only flown one other time. And he was SO young that most people didn't even know he was there.

Now I am sure that the entire plane will be aware of his presence!

We paid the extra for the separate seat, will be packing food and fun galore. Keeping in mind that I will not be giving him Benadryl (at least on the flight out, I may be singing a different song on the way back) do you have any suggestions for long flights and little ones?

Oh and...
After California I am home for three weeks, then off to New Orleans and then I am home for the rest of the year - actually until Spring! I cannot wait for this mess to be over!


O said...

Toys toys toys! Yes, in all your spare packing time, look for teeny toys to pack in a surprise bag for them. My kids liked: new matchbox cars; little magnadoodles; new board books; cheapo playdoh (I'm sure the airline wasn't as pleased as the boys were and I'm not sure I'd do it again but your kids seem well behaved); and of course, the DVDs.
Like the new blog layout.
Good luck! And put the carseats under as luggage, don't bring 'em on.

Anjali said...

Lots of healthy snacks: baby carrots, apples, grapes, whole wheat crackers, plain whole wheat macaroni noodles, raisens. I've brought bananas and cheese on long trips, and they just don't seem to hold up well. But food, in general, keeps my kids somewhat busy.

We also loved little magnet books, color-wonder coloring books, lots of think, new paperback books. My kids also love sticker books. And there's nothing like a brand new packet of crayons.

And I agree with O - unless the kids will sleep better in their car seats, I wouldn't bring them on.