Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ungodly terror

My daughter is going through a phase. Today.

I am confident that tomorrow she will be through the phase and this will be behind us.

She is pushing pushing pushing.

Today she screamed NO at me for something so small that I told her if she said no to me again she was in time out. Then she kept asking for chocolate or pudding or something like that and she asked and I told her that she might get it if she finished her lunch three times before I told her that if she asked again she was in time out. I made it to 2 with 3 on my lips at least 15 times today.

I threatened time out over and over and every time she changed her behavior just in time to avoid "the chair".

She said no to my face and smiled. She pitched ugly fits and laughed. She took 2 hours to finally fall asleep at nap time.

She also danced the hokey pokey with me. She hugged me and climbed all over me.

She smiled at me and thanked me for playing with her. And while all of that is terribly cute and terribly sweet it doesn't change the fact that she was acting terribly today.

I am hopeful that my sweet tender little girl will return soon.

And I know that when she does she will just be visiting until the teen years.

Heaven help us both.

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