Monday, January 22, 2007

For the love of Dog

My daughter and I have entered into a new groove when it comes to the night night routine. For about a year now she has preferred that daddy put her night night. I bravely tried not to be upset by this. I told myself that I get to spend more time with her because I am her taxi service to and from school and we get more quality time then.

I didn't buy it.
Neither did my husband.

We asked her what daddy does that mommy doesn't do. She was not forthcoming.

Turns out, daddy talks to her. Each night before he leaves her room, he leans in and tells her thank you for being a good girl and tells her how proud he is to be her daddy and talks about her day.

So I started telling her stories about life before Maya.
I told her the story of how mommy and daddy met. How mommy and Unkie MC celebrated xmas as kids. I told her about daddy and Kikki celebrated theirs. I also told her about her birthday, Dean's birthday and the days we picked up the dogs and brought them home.

This is by far her favorite story.

She likes to hear about the doggies. She snuggles into bed after we have talked and says goodnight rather happily.

She likes talking. And I like that she doesn't cry "no I want daddy to do it!" when she's told that I am taking her upstairs to bed.

Thank dog.

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