Friday, February 29, 2008

Sharing the Love

So I caught Tim's funk. Oh it was nasty. We were out of commission as a family for 5 straight days. Tim ended up having a seizure after carrying Maya upstairs on Sunday night and I woke up Monday morning coughing up blood.

All in all it was a nightmare.

But we are all much much better and moving on.

I returned to work on Wednesday and went to school to find a letter about the boy in his school folder. The letter basically illustrates all the things he has been doing wrong for the past few months and seemed like a first step toward expelling him from the school!

To say that I was not in the right frame of mind to get such a letter is an understatement.

Anyway after talking with the director about it we will be meeting with her and his teachers on Tuesday to see what we can do to get him in line with the program. She did admit that if he doesn't improve they are considering asking him to leave.

His biggest problem is that he thinks "no" is funny and is amused by time out. They are in fact having a hard time with him...

He'll be two next month. Already a juvenile delinquent.


Mommychicky said...

Well, no is kind of funny but if that doesn't get him kicked out of school, maybe his hair-do will?

Ohio School Suspends Boy Over Mohawk

Anjali said...

Oh, so sorry you guys were so sick.

Um, baby boy isn't even 2 yet, right? Do most barely 2-year olds obey "no"? Mine sure didn't. And time-outs just did not work with my kids at all. He sounds pretty typical to me.

We had 4 months of issues with Leela at her preschool, but she was past 3 (and they just kept working with her until she finally started toning down her aggression and obeying the rules.)

Good luck and feel better!

O said...

Oh my. Sorry I've been so out of touch.
Can we bring you chicken soup?
And when you find out how to solve the "no" problem will you please share?