Friday, January 04, 2008

It started out shitty...

...and rolled down hill from there.

I had to take my coffee to work in an old 12 oz Avent bottle (yes, with the nipple on it)

I stood outside our office door trying to figure out why I couldn't unlock our door.

The answer: it was already unlocked.

I've had to deal with the fall out of firing an employee on Wednesday and I'm trying to figure out which are more annoying: the employees who are not afraid of me at the moment or the ones who are.

2008 is shaping into a VERY tough year for me work wise. Looks like I might have to earn that very nice bonus promised me next year...

And this is how my child day ended.

"I love you and you're my sweetieheart."
"and sweetieheart means there's a hole in the ceiling."

Somehow that made more sense to me than most of what has happened to me today...

And the thing is. There IS a hole in the ceiling. The plumber comes out Wednesday.

Here's to the beginning of my non-kid day. I can hear a shot calling to me from the kitchen.

Happy weekend!

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Rachel said...

I'm sorry your year is starting out so bad - at least New Year's Eve was good. :)