Friday, December 28, 2007

All I want for santamas

Dean's daycare provider asked what holiday we celebrate so that she could make sure that they discuss each child's holiday traditions. Aaah. That's sweet.

"We celebrate Santa" I answered easily.


So santa came to our house. He brought the children a dollhouse and a workbench (big unwrapped gifts) and many many many more wrapped presents of varying types and enjoyment.

Today when I dropped the kids off at school, the teachers asked Maya what Santa brought her for Christmas. Simple question. Her answer?
"He didn't bring me a train table..."


"he didn't bring me a scooter either."

Well then.

The teachers gamely tried to find out what he DID bring.

"I don't know..." was her quiet answer as she wandered off to play.

I have to tell you that Santa did in fact bring her a train table. BUT. Santa had not considered how very small our house is. And how very big a train table is...

Santa may have to get over it though.

Maybe the kids will discover the present from Santa that he didn't leave out for them this weekend. Maybe they won't.

What did Santa leave for me?

an iphone!

Not on my list but totally fun!

Thanks santa.

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