Thursday, June 21, 2007

Point and grunt

My son is getting very adept at making himself quite clearly understood with a simple point and grunt.

Up, food, toys. All at the end of his fingertip and a monosyllabic utterance.

My daughter is now doing it too. She is also mocking his sign language.

"more please" has been replaced with a furious hand flutter. And most of the time I correct her.

"Use your words." And sometimes it's just easier to cave.

So the two of them were having oatmeal and strawberries today for breakfast. Dean pointed at the fruit on the table and grunted in my general direction.

Then Maya mimed him and there were these two little ones grunting and pointing and looking beseechingly up at me. And I thought about how easy life would be if I could just point and grunt.

New bathroom for my third floor bedroom. Point. Ugh.

New suit for my upcoming business trip. Point. Ugh.

Brown sandals that are cute and feel good. Point. Ugh.

And while my mind rambled. I thought of how unfair it feels sometimes to be the mommy. Al the while both kids sat pointing and grunting. grunting and pointing. At the strawberry on the table in front of me.





And then had a good twenty minutes to reflect on how nice it would be if I could burst into tears and scream whenever I felt life was unfair too.

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