Monday, July 09, 2007

Second Class Citizen

I am coming to terms with it.

I try hard not to let it hurt too much.

I suppress my winces and painful twangs when I see evidence of it.

I understand that it is not an intentional slight.

This is not premeditated, nor is it intended to be hurtful.

It just is.

I further understand that I am not the first to feel this way.

I understand that there is a reason the term was created.

Daddy's girl.

I didn't understand it would hurt quite so much.


I still have one more chance.

Can you say...

Mama's boy?


Rachel said...

I think that every child goes through a time when they prefer one parent over the other. And it switches back and forth. She will fall in love with you again!

At least that's what I say everytime Brendon clings to his daddy.

only me said...

I'm not taking this quite as hard as my blog reads. I know she loves me. I just don't quite get the same level of enthusiasm...

I was a daddy's girl.

My poor mom.

Oonie said...

Hey, that's how the dads feel when the football players say "hi Mom!" to the camera's. I won't say it doesn't hurt because I know that Ryan's sun and moon rise and set on Terry and I am easily replaced by hired help. But that little guy...he's all mine. Likes daddy and all, but his new bedtime sentence, after Daddy reads all his favorite books , when I come in the room? "MOVE, Daddy, move! Mama sit now. Move!" could happen!