Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let's talk about Sex - TMI warning

Why not. Seems like most everyone I know is doing it, has done it, will most likely do it again (Most of the people I know have kids so - duh!).
May as well talk about it.

I realized a couple of things about sex recently:
Sex is more important than I thought
Sex is about much more than a physical connection (let me hear your body talk)
Not having sex is bad

I would also say that I learned that sex is more important to my husband than it is to me, but I already knew that. I think sex is a form of communication and connection that I hadn't really given much thought to, until recently. I think he does think about it, feel it that way.

You don't always know what you've got - until it's gone. Or something like that.

Sex left my life for a while. I'm not sure how it left or why. But I barely missed it.

And now it's back.

And life is better. And love is better. And I feel connected and centered.

It seems odd that this is the truth. It also seems odd that this seems odd. I am surprised. And I am surprised that this is a revelation to me.

I am sure there is a chicken and egg question in there somewhere but I am not delving too deeply into this one. I am just enjoying it for what it is.

And that is all I have to say about sex today.

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