Thursday, October 02, 2008


This site amused me. So here is the link.

I hope this evening's debate proves to be just as fun as I anticipate it will be.

I am almost heady in my girlish excitement.

There is most likely going to be a train wreck tonight...

And here's the thing that stops the giggle.

I truly feel that I would make a better choice for VP than this woman.

And I am truly saddened that she will be our benchmark going forward...

And I don't have anything against her personally. But she is a piss poor choice for vice president. piss poor.

And she should have known better. And I know that there are all those people that say that if someone offers you the vp spot you don't say no - but she should know how to say no. She believes in abstinence only for God's sake.

And I am trying really hard not to turn this into a joke because I feel like McCain already did that and I find it so so sad that there are so many people who don't get the joke.

Lots of women are out there right now feeling pretty good about our sex because of where she is.

I don't. But I do feel like she is the best example of sexual equality we've seen in a long while. Except. Well. Can you be an example of sexual equality if you were selected because of your sex???

Is there such a thing as reverse sexism?


there isn't.

And I had a great deal of respect for McCain going into this. I did.

And he lost it all with his VP choice.

I cannot contemplate a world in which there is a president Sarah Palin.

I will not.

Please vote people.

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KT said...

I liked McCain before this too. I want to create a bumper sticker. I saw one yesterday that said "Another Democrat for McCain." Mine would say "Another Democrat who might have been for McCain if it weren't for Palin."

Enjoy tonight's show. I'm eagerly anticipating it myself.